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Introducing ChartBuilder™

The best ICD-10 conversion tool ever created.

Convert all of your ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 at the touch of a button, create custom charts, find codes, and more.

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The BulkConverter™

Copy, Paste, Click, Done.

Convert all of your ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 with a single click of the mouse.


Blank Template OPEN
Anesthesiology OPEN d09170954b
Cardiology OPEN a467c8b507
Chiropractic OPEN 94a1f61599
Colonoscopy OPEN 45dc6a2e84
Dentistry OPEN f3111489c8
Dermatology OPEN 491a6e54d2
Endocrinology OPEN f06451f04a
Endoscopy OPEN 4c78ae5433
ENT OPEN ad79fd141e
Family Medicine OPEN 2e2fee2363
Gastroenterology OPEN 4119f99351
General Surgery OPEN 918a29ac12
Hematology OPEN 5779d8ab68
Internal Medicine OPEN 4241ffd222
Nephrology OPEN a95d348979
Neurology OPEN 623cb6bdb3
OB/GYN OPEN 4228688f02
Occupational Therapy OPEN 7a1ee8507a
Oncology OPEN 555f9168e5
Ophthalmology OPEN 56cb3e42d4
Oral Surgery OPEN 0b844a0212
Orthopedic OPEN bfadfcd96d
Pediatrics OPEN ba3fe94a6a
Physical Therapy OPEN acabd58b04
Podiatry OPEN 029e6613bb
Primary-Care OPEN b8ebd54ebb
Psychiatry OPEN df5e583bc9
Pulmonology OPEN 818d9293fa
Radiology OPEN 2c7de3f9fc
Rheumatology OPEN 428d0affbe
Sleep Medicine OPEN 5d3d457847
Surgical Pathology OPEN eeba77aa92
Thoracic Surgery OPEN c9c93a1eca
Urology OPEN 72c65ca48f

Unbelievably Fast Results
Introducing CodeSearch Pro™

Search & convert your ICD-9 & ICD-10 codes.

Code Search Pro™ combines four different search methods yielding instant results. Search Codes

The ICD-10 Charts and SurgiVision Mobile Apps

Search all your ICD-10 codes
Securely store all your medical images.

All free of charge.

Options for all.

Training Academy
The most engaging ICD-10 training on the web is free. This set of interactive courses includes activities, narration, soundtracks, & more.
Build, Save and Print your own personalized ICD-10 Charts with this amazing tool. Our free ChartBuilder platform allows for quick organization and EMR integration of all your relevant ICD-10 codes.
The BulkConverter™
Convert all of your ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 at the touch of a button. And like everything else, it's free.

Features, features, features...

ICD-10 Charts Features Resource Cost
Convert all of your ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 with one click BulkConverter™ Free
Search for any diagnosis code by the  description, ICD-9, ICD-10, or group using our built-in Smart Search CodeSearch Pro™ Free
Make fully customizable charts with all of your most relevant ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes ChartBuilder Free
Use our template library to personalize pre-made charts of any specialty Template Library Free
Save your chart and come back to it at any time ChartBuilder Free
Search by ICD-9 code, ICD-10 code, keyword, or description CodeSearch Pro™ Free
Alphabetize your chart for easy navigation of all your codes ChartBuilder Free
Print your personalized chart and use it anywhere ChartBuilder Free
Export your chart to excel for integration with your EHR ChartBuilder Free
Search for multiple codes, keywords, or descriptions BulkConverter™ Free
Share your chart with friends, co-workers ChartBuilder Free
Create a free account and keep track of all your charts ChartBuilder Free
Comprehensive ICD-10 Training Program Training Academy Free

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